GTL Supply Solutions provides the ultimate experience in service, choice, and flexibility when choosing your products. We maintain a host of reputable partners, offering a broad assortment of accepted quality products. Our sales consultants are extremely knowledgeable, and our team is here to answer any questions or schedule product demonstrations.

  • Bone Foam

    Bone Foam Inc. provides a complete line of patient positioners for orthopedic trauma procedures. Bone Foam began in the Operating Room with an apparent need for an improved method for patient positioning. The goal to eliminate “towel bumps” across the United States has proven to be just the solution hospitals needed, while reducing expensive time and cost factors associated with patient positioning in the Operating Room and excessive sterilized laundry.

  • CAIRE SeQual AirSepTechnologies


    Known for being the powerhouse of oxygen, CAIRE has evolved into a leading oxygen respiratory care solutions provider for the military, VA Medical Centers, and home healthcare markets. This product line is comprised of a range of medical respiratory products, including POC’s, stationary, ambulatory liquid oxygen systems, and Battlefield Oxygen Systems (SAROS). In 2011 CAIRE acquired SeQual Technologies, which produces the most innovative POC’s on the market, the ECLIPSE and the military version, the SAROS. The addition of the market-leading POC’s to CAIRE’s LOX solutions has broadened and complemented the portfolio.   In 2012, CAIRE acquired AIRSEP, renowned as the premier manufacturer of PSA oxygen generating systems for medical and industrial applications. The company's two divisions meet a wide variety of respiratory and commercial needs in more than 100 countries.


  • Cardiac Science

    Cardiac Science is a global medical device company and a subsidiary of Opto Circuits (India) Ltd. Cardiac Science focuses exclusively on non-invasive ways to manage the world’s leading cause of death, heart disease. The Cardiac Science Powerheart AED defibrillator family offers a variety of automated external defibrillator products for public use and medical professionals alike.  Cardiac Science’s patented Rescue Ready Automated External Defibrillator (AED) technology self-tests all main components and sets the Cardiac Science heart defibrillator apart from competitors.

  • Circadiance

    Soft is better!  Circadiance develops, manufacturers and markets respiratory products for people with sleep-disordered breathing or who need non-invasive ventilation. With a keen eye on innovative solutions and patient comfort, our products have revolutionized the sleep market. Our best-selling SleepWeaver soft cloth nasal CPAP mask has been lauded by sleep apnea patients and diagnosing physicians as a key to better sleep. With an international distribution network and cutting-edge soft cloth technology, Circadiance continues to excite the sleepy respiratory industry.

  • CyberMedix

    The mission at CyberMedix is to significantly improve quality patient care and substantially reduce health care costs by maximizing information and communication management technology. CyberMedix Medical Systems provides wireless patient data management, communication, and information solutions for the Hospital and Home Care Industry. These systems increase productivity, reduce cost, improve efficiency, and extend the operational life expectancy to existing patient monitoring and therapy delivering devices. This strategy provides rapid deployment of products to meet market demands at the speed of technology.


  • GTL Supply Solutions

    GTL Supply Solutions now offers a great selection of workplace supplies including office, breakroom & school supplies, legal supplies, office furniture, janitorial, warehouse & safety supplies at competitive prices.  Let us help your bottom-line by customizing a contract based upon your current high demand items to save your organization!  Please click here to access our Workplace Supplies Catalog.


  • Infused Medical Technology, INC

    Infused Medical Technology, Inc. manufactures, designs, and distributes healthcare products worldwide.  They offer an advanced, easy-to-use affordable line of products that cover all phases and stages of Wound Care, Urology Care, Diabetic Care, Respiratory Care and Sports Medicine. As a medical device manufacturer, they are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining a low-cost, safe and effective device. They operate on a lean manufacturing process to keep their cost down so they are able to pass along those cost savings to their customers.They are registered with the United State Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada.  Their products are all listed with the FDA and Health Canada as safe and effective, as well. 



  • Joerns RecoverCare

    Joerns RecoverCare is a leading provider of Bariatric Support Surfaces, Therapeutic Support Surfaces, Wound Care and Safe Patient Handling Equipment.  Joerns RecoverCare's bed frames come in expandable widths from 37" to 54", and weight capacities from 600 to 1000 lbs. All the Joerns RecoverCare products are sanitized to the Joint Commission accreditation standards and calibrated at the appropriate settings.  We can provide rentals as well as purchases of the requested equipment.

  • Logic Venture TriggerNebâ„¢ High Performance Reusable Nebulizer

    The TriggerNeb is a much more convenient method of nebulization, as it allows you to pause your treatment and then resume when you are ready without turning off your nebulizer.  The TriggerNeb™ features patented dual mode treatment: Intermittent (Trigger) or Continuous. Intermittent mode allows the patient to use the trigger mechanism to stop/start the treatment and reduce medication waste. This nebulizer delivers a very fine mist and can deliver your treatment very quickly.  The TriggerNeb Reusable Nebulizer (Case of 50) allows the user to get the correct dosage of medicine and not waste medicine.  The convenient trigger mode allows medication to be delivered by the TriggerNeb only when needed.  This nebulizer is for single patient use and can be reused for up to 28 days in hospitals and 6 months in home for a significant cost savings over other nebulizers. 

  • MIR- Medical International Research

    MIR offers a wide range of products that function as minilabs capable of performing both Spirometry and Oximetry, including new diagnostic processes for sleep apnea. User-friendliness makes all our devices ideal for both specialists and family doctors.  The new Spirodoc has been developed with great attention both to design and to technology, with a very wide scope to modify the operation of the device through the various "modes": advanced parameters for the specialist, a reduced parameter set for screening as well as a simplified version for Home Care operation.

  • Silipos

    Founded in 1989, Silipos is recognized as the global leader in gel technologies across a wide range of industries including healthcare, consumer goods, and health and beauty aids.  The Post Wound Care/Burn Care Kit is an assortment of our most popular products conveniently offered in a portable kit. The gel products diffuse medical grade mineral oil that provides moisturization and elasticity to the skin to promote healing. The gel moves independently so it will not cause friction like other silicone products. Excellent for Home Care Nurses, Schools, Athletic Trainers, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Centers, Hospital Wound Care Departments, Wound Care Clinics, Burn Units, Podiatrists and more.